What to do if someone is depressed or Suicidal

So, you have maybe noticed that someone you are close to is depressed and becoming more and more distant.  They barely talk to you any more and their demeanor and outlook on life has become continually worse. Maybe you are at a loss of what to do. You are concerned but you are also not a therapist and don’t think there is really too much that you can do to help. Think again my friend! There is something you can do. 

Although this person may be trying to shut you out, don’t shut them out. Here are some ways to help someone that may be depressed or suicidal.

~  Continue to call, text or visit them.  Let them know that you are there for them, and that you care about them. 

~Be empathetic and understanding about what they are going through if they talk to you. Sometimes listening and being present is one of the most helpful things for them.  Let them know you are concerned about them. 

~ Don’t be afraid to ask if they have been thinking about hurting themselves or have been thinking about suicide.  It may be scary to ask, but if they tell you they have been thinking about suicide, then you or someone else can help them get the help they need. 

~It is ok to ask questions, but telling someone that’s depressed that they have so much to live for, being condescending about how they feel, or trying to talk them out of suicide will most likely not help.

~You or someone else can help them get professional help in the form of therapy or medication.


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