Creating Positive Goals

Goals are a great way to take inventory of where your life is right now, and where you would like your life to be headed.  It does not matter how big or small your goal is, the point is just to start moving forward. Here are some ways to set goals and stick with your goals. 

The first step in goal setting is to start with goals that have something to do with your core values that you want to expand upon, or something you are passionate about.  It is usually a good idea to keep the number of goals to around three. If you feel that you can manage more, then great! Go for it! There are many ways to set up your goals. One way is to have a goal or two for different areas in your life such as financial, physical, emotional, spiritual.  By looking at different areas of your life, you can take inventory as to what you would like to work on. The next thing to remember is that if there is one area of your life that you feel strongly about focusing on, that is fine. Start with your top three goals, even if they are in the same category.  The top three goals shows the most importance of focus important to you. If you have a real yearning to work on your spirituality but you chose to focus on your physical health instead, you are not honoring yourself.  Having goals is all about taking care of yourself!

 Once you have ideas on how you want to expand yourself, you now need to figure out how to get there. Your goals should be positive, quantitative, and have a goal date.  You also need a plan for each goal. Let’s start with setting a goal. I will give two different examples. One may be, “My goal is to be a more relaxed person.” You can quantify a qualitative experience as being relaxed by looking at what makes you relaxed. Let’s say meditating makes you more relaxed. Your plan may be to meditate for twenty minutes every day. Your goal date may be to meditate for twenty minutes every day for a month.  This does not guarantee that you will be a more relaxed person after a month, but most likely you will notice a benefit to the meditating. This is a goal where you can set the same goal for a second month, or until you have noticed that you have become a more relaxed person.  If you do not reach your goal, by the date don’t worry!  You may need to reevaluate the time you may need to reach your goal. You can also quantify when you know that you have become more relaxed. Some examples may be having less anxious thoughts, not getting angry at people as often, smiling more, sleeping better. Decide whatever being relaxed means to you.

This is a productive way of working on your goals and sticking to them!

 It is also important that you are kind to yourself during this process.  Setting goals and working towards them can be unnerving. You are trying to accomplish something that you may not have done before and are pushing your limits. It is important to honor the process and take care of yourself. If you are struggling with a goal, is there someone that can help you, or motivate you, is there a different way of going about the goal? You can get advice for a plan from others if you need it.  It is also ok to give yourself more time to accomplish a goal. You may also start a goal and realize that there is a different goal that is actually more important to you. That is fine, just switch them. This is about you, not about being rigid to sticking to a goal that does not serve you as well.  If you listen to what is truly important, you will be in alignment with your inner and outer path.


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